Fantasia E Hookah Flavors

Fantasia e hookah offers 10 different flavors, all of which are unique. There’s a flavor for any set of taste buds out there. Below I have listed all 10 flavors of the Fantasia E Hookah

4 Play – Melon Mix
Magic Dragon – Berry Mint Mix
Peach Fuzzy Navel – Sexy Peach
Purple Haze – Royal Grape
Surfer – Pineapple Coconut
Adios – Citrus Curacao Fruit
Washington Apple – Sweet Red Apple
Joker – Psychotic Mixed Fruit
Ice Mint – Cool Mint
Dirty Blonde – Pineapple Banana Mix

You can now probably understand what I meant when I said that the flavors offered are quite unique. They’re usually a combination of fruit flavors, or it has a little twist to it that makes it slightly different from the rest. 

I personally think that all 10 flavors are worth trying, you may learn which flavors are your favorite ones afterwards. 

I also mentioned in my earlier post that Fantasia e hookah pens have a stronger battery. That also means that you get MORE vapor from each pull. There will be some e hookah pens where you have to inhale for a long time before you get some decent vapor. You’ll be shocked at how much vapor a little pen like this can produce!

Fantasia E Hookah All 10 Flavors
Fantasia E Hookah All 10 Flavors

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