Free E Hookah Pen Sample

Who likes free stuff? I know I do and I’m sure most of you do. There are NO places where you can get free e hookah pens (even as a sample) except for this one place:

TaDa! Thank for me for the share later!

Of course, you’ll have to put in about 5 minutes of work in order to get the free e hookah pen. If you’ve ever applied to get a sample, you’re probably familiar with the survey taking or whatever they ask you to do before they send you the sample.

They’re asking that you share two of their blog posts on your social network (ie. Twitter, Facebook, etc…). It’s not hard to do, and doesn’t hurt to do it. They do ask for proof though, so once you get the proof, just send fill out the form and you’ll have your free e hookah pen en route to you shortly after. I received mine several days ago after signing up about 2.5 weeks ago. 

And of course, each household is limited to only ONE pen. You also need to be 18+ in order to receive the free pen. I don’t think they ask for verification, but they give you the benefit of the doubt. 

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