Why HazyShop.com is the best place to buy e hookah

Till this day, we are still very limited to the number of places where we can buy our disposable e hookah pens from. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re hard to find though. What products you are able to find, the prices you get, and the service you receive is another thing.

HazyShop.com has been around since 2011 (I believe). I have purchased and dealt with several e hookah dealers including the ones spread among marketplaces. None of which were up to par with HazyShop, whom I have been a loyal customer of for years. They are very efficient, went above and beyond to assist their customers.

One thing that I like is when a vendor ships my package the same day I placed the order. There are stores that ship two business days later, I don’t like that. I like receiving my items fast. So HazyShop has been pretty consistent with getting my package to me within 3 days, sometimes sooner (usually when I order more).

I don’t usually have issues with my orders there, but when I did, they helped to resolve the issue fast. Their customer service is easy to reach and fast response times. 

They also have a good selection of stuff, most of which I really enjoy.

so if you would like to visit HazyShop.com, click here.


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