What’s so special about Fantasia E Hookah?

That’s a reasonable question. Why would we pay more for Fantasia e hookahs, when there are other e hookah pens that cost less out there? You have probably heard of the saying before, you get what you pay for. Let’s run through some of the features that you get from Fantasia e hookah pens that you do not get from other e hookah.

1. Blister Packaging: Yes, Fantasia e hookah comes with blister packaging. It’s not just cheesy blister packaging, it’s well designed, well made, and stamped. So you know your pen is new and has not been tampered with when you purchase it. This also means that these pens are great to gift to people as they’re very nicely packaged and made to look very attractive. 

2. Each pen is made with “higher quality” material. Have you ever had e hookah pens where the pen is just light and feels completely plastic? Well, that’s not how the Fantasia pens feel. They feel good, heavier, and is designed very well. Each individual pen has it’s own color and design.

3. A stronger battery. This is one of the more important aspects of the pen, and what your’e actually paying for. The stronger battery allows for higher puff yields, and much larger smoke clouds. If you’re trying to produce anywhere close to the amount of vapor you get out of traditional hookah, Fantasia gets the job done.

4. Fantasia offers you 10 various flavors to choose from. Each flavor is very unique. The thing about the Fantasia flavors is that they’re so unique that you can’t compare it to other e hookah pens. If you want to that flavor, you’ll have to get it from Fantasia. What makes their flavors so special is that they offer a number of fruit mixes. The combinations aren’t random however, they taste great and you would have to try it yourself to get an idea.

Fantasia E Hookah pens can still cost up to $15.95 per pen. Below I have provided a link for which you can get 10 pens for $70.95, so that means you’re getting each pen for $7.10 —- That’s more than half off retail price. If you’re unsure about Fantasia e hookah, you can purchase this as a sampler and test each flavor out to see if you like them.

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Where To Buy Fantasia E Hookah

After reading so much on Fantasia e hookah pens, you must be wondering where to buy Fantasia E Hookah. Well, for most of us, we can do a simple Google search and be able to find where to buy Fantasia e hookah. However, what you find may not be the best price or deal available! 

I know some of us don’t care for saving money, but for those of us who do, you’ll be happy to know that you can save dollars at a time off each pen.

First of all, Fantasia E Hookah pens retail for $15.95 and that is how much they are generally being sold for. If you browse around Marketplaces, you may find them for a bit cheaper. HazyShop has been selling Fantasia e hookah pens over the past several years for about $7, which is almost half off. They are the lowest price we’ve seen over the years. If you’re interested, click here.


Fantasia E Hookah Dirty Blonde
Fantasia E Hookah Dirty Blonde

Fantasia E Hookah – An Introduction

Some of us may still not be familiar with e hookah pens, as it is still a fairly recently developed technology that hasn’t hit the market at full force yet. In other words, this is a product that isn’t in every store that sells e cigarettes.

Speaking of e cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, they are not the same as electronic hookah pens. They function and look similar, but the major difference is that e cigs contain nicotine. The intended purpose for e cigs is so that it can be a cigarette alternative, hence the nicotine. E hookah pens do not contain nicotine. Well, they generally don’t, but some MAY have nicotine. You should always read the descriptions or information listed on the package to be sure.

Okay, so e hookah pens, what are they and how do they work? Each e hookah pen contains a battery which takes up a bulk of the space within the pen itself. With what remaining space is left in the pen, you have an atomizer (a small heating device) and a cartridge containing the fruit flavored liquid. What happens when you smoke an e hookah pen is that the atomizer heats up the liquid turning it into vapor. So instead of inhaling carbon monoxide and a bunch of other chemicals, with e hookahs you are inhaling water vapors. As per the flavored liquid, they’re usually organic and nothing to be worried about. 

What’s so special about Fantasia e hookah pens? There’s a lot of things that plays a role in making the Fantasia e hookah pen a top of the line e hookah. The first and foremost, it has a stronger battery. What does a stronger battery mean for us? It means that you get more puffs out of your pen. Each Fantasia e hookah pen yields up to 800 puffs out the box. Generally, e hookah pens only yield up to 500 puffs. That’s about 40% MORE (close enough to double). Additionally, Fantasia e hookah pens are VERY well designed and come individually packaged. This way we know that a new pen has not been tampered with and we can store them easily. Because of how awesome the pen and it’s packaging looks, it’s good enough for us to give away as gifts as well.

My favorite part about Fantasia e hookah pens is their flavors. They offer 10 different flavors, all of which are extremely unique when compared to other e hookah pens on the market. You get flavors like the Fantasia Magic Dragon E Hookah, which is a berry mint mix. How often do you come across a flavor like that? Never!

If you are still concerned about the safety of e hookah pens, you can view this blog for more information. They are very resourceful and have frequent updates.

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